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We’ve put together a mix of impartial 3rd party reviews and internal reviews for you to look through and see for yourself why we’re the best in the business!

Not only do our customers love us, but the ruthlessly picky critics do too. Here are 2 recent ones from well-respected reviewers in the home gym equipment industry.

Kaevon Khoozani
Bells of Steel founder

Although our roots lay in ecommerce, we now have 2 stores in Canada and 1 in the USA, here’s our reviews from those locations:

BOS on Reddit

Reddit is a community Bells of Steel has been present on for over a decade, you can find hundreds of posts on Reddit about us, but here’s my favorite, an AMA I got to do in 2022

BOS on Facebook

Facebook is another 3rd party platform customers leave reviews that cannot be altered or deleted, and I’m proud to say we’ve cultivated over 453 reviews with a 4.7 average

And last but not least, below you can find hundreds of real user reviews with pictures of BoS equipment in its new homes across North America that are left by our customers on our review software,