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  • Fabric Non-Slip Resistance Bands (41")

    Ultra-durable non-pinch latex and fabric blend bands to beat plateaus.

    From $19.99 CAD
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  • Glute Ham Slider
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    Glute Ham Slider

    Slam your hammies and crush your core with one piece of equipment.

    $79.99 CAD $99.99
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  • Adjustable Wall Or Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

    Bare steel pull up bar with eyelets mounts to the wall or ceiling.

    $99.99 CAD
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  • Trifold Mat

    Reduce discomfort & distractions on hard gym floors. Ah, that's cushy!

    $59.99 CAD
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  • Four Fold Mat
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    Four Fold Mat

    With this mat you'll actually look forward to exercising on the floor.

    $139.99 CAD
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  • Sit Up Mat

    Protect your spine & improve your core muscle engagement like a boss!

    $29.99 CAD
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  • Luxury Sit Up Mat
    New arrival

    Luxury Sit Up Mat

    Improve your core engagement while supporting your back and tailbone.

    $29.99 CAD
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  • Core Sliders

    Blast your core, legs, and arms with dual use on soft and hard floors.

    $17.99 CAD
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  • Glute Loop

    Warm up and activate hips and glutes to build strength & stability.

    $19.99 CAD
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  • Mini Bands
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    Mini Bands

    Spice up your warm-up and workout with Mini Bands!

    From $13.99 CAD $27.99
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Harness your own bodyweight. From bands and mats to core training tools, we provide the gear to lift, pull, and stretch your way to physical excellence.