Adjustable Dumbbells

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  • NÜOBELL Adjustable Dumbbells

    Space-saving adjustable dumbbells that can change weights in seconds!

    From $699.99 CAD
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  • Loadable Dumbbell Handle

    Excellent alternative to expensive and space-consuming dumbbell sets!

    From $99.99 CAD
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  • NÜOBELL 50 to 80 LB Expansion Kit

    Upgrade your Nuobells to 80 pounds, so you can maximize your gains.

    $349.99 CAD
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  • NÜOBELL Replacement Handles

    Upgrade or replace the handle on your 5-50lb or 5-80lb NÜOBELL.

    $149.99 CAD
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Maximize your space and efficiency with Adjustable Dumbbells. Perfect for a flexible workout routine, adjust weights quickly and easily to keep pace with your fitness journey.