June 2024 Home Gym of the Month

June 2024 Home Gym of the Month

June Home Gym of the Month Winner: William Agnew

The winner for June 2024 is William Agnew from Thunder Bay, ON, Canada.

IG: @willbodybuild

Why did you start your own home gym?

I started my home gym like many because of COVID. However, during COVID it evolved into something more and has been growing ever since. The home gym now is my getaway and safe place that I know I can do something to be better every day.

What are your current fitness goals?

My current fitness goals is to “become an animal” in the gym, and either step back on a bodybuilding stage or potentially step into strongman after being introduced to it from my friends Maxime Boudreault and Sam Belliveau.

What program are you following?

I’m currently following my own training program geared towards getting as big and strong as possible while my nutrition is from my friend Jayden at BTY Fitness so I can put my complete focus into lifting.

What BoS equipment do you own?

What's next on your wish list?

I’m currently waiting out for the leg extension/hamstring curl that was briefly shown on the Bells of Steel Instagram page! Other than that it would have to be the belt squat or the 150lbs dumbbells!

What is your favourite fitness hack?

With a home gym one of the most important thing is getting best bang for buck out of the equipment you own, so on leg day sometimes when starting out you may not have enough weight for some of the movements. To increase the difficulty and continue to progress, train your calves first to not only give them the attention they likely need but also to pre-fatigue a secondary muscle that is helping you more than you realize through a movement!


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