Power Rack Safety Straps vs Bars vs Arms

power rack safety straps vs bars

Lifting heavy weights in any way without a spotter can be really dangerous. And because you’ll be working out by yourself, you’re going to want to invest in a power rack that is structurally safe and secure. Not only that, but you’ll also want to purchase attachments that’ll help keep you safe.

If you’re confused about the different options or don’t know which is best for you, then this article about power rack safety straps vs bars vs arms is just for you.Depending on the different Bells Of Steel rack you get, it's going to come with different safety attachments. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included for each power rack.

  • One pair of superior triple padded J-cups
  • Pin pipe spotter arms



  • One pair of roller j-cups
  • A pair of sandwich j-cups
  • 4 Band pegs
  • 2 Safety spotter straps
  • 2 pin pipe safeties with covers


If you’ve already invested in a power rack and some attachments mentioned above didn’t come with them, you can separately add Spotter Arms or Suspension Spotter Straps for extra protection and security. Both of these products can either be used inside or outside the rack and can be attached to all of our Bells Of Steel power racks. Having the right power rack safety straps, bars, and/or arms is the best way to boost your equipment’s functionality and safety.

Let's go over some of the benefits and features of each. The Safety Pin Pipes is a nice option if you want to ensure that you're safe when lifting. Pins are simply metal crossbeams that span the upright supports on either side of your rack. An important point to note here is that when using pins, your barbell will end up scratched and damaged over time. Metal-on-metal contact will do this no matter how careful you are.

The adjustability is nice, but the pins' consistent height can also be a disadvantage. The bar comes to a halt when it reaches the safety pins. While this is good if you lose control of the bar, it is not ideal when you are performing repetitions. This is where straps come in.The safety straps are more enjoyable to use than safety pin pipes. They are easier to set at a height that will both keep you safe and will also allow you to do a full range of motion.

Setting the bar into the straps is smooth and a lot less jarring. The material of the safety straps will absorb a lot of the impact and it spreads the force of the dropped bar across. It'll be nice and quiet and will protect your equipment.

You can also set the front and back of the straps at different heights. If you’re doing squats, set the backside of the strap a little lower than the front – this way, if you have to dump the bar, it’ll roll away from you.

One of the downfalls of the safety straps is it's made of a material that stretches and they can become uneven in the long run.The Safety Spotter Arms are metal extensions that mount horizontally to your rack, just above your maximum range limit. It provides the same benefits as a human spotter, even when you’re working out at home. They allow you to push your limits without the risk of weights crashing down on you.

Our Bells of Steel Spotter Arms have a thick lining of UHMW protection on the inside or outside of your rack for dual-use. The arms are built to support upwards of 400lbs and can withstand even the most extreme workouts. The Suspension Spotter Straps and Bodyweight System is a complete system that includes the following:

  • A pair of Suspension Straps with a chain, clip, and shackle
  • Rack protector straps
  • Pair of handles with four rings and a thick rubber handle

If you don't have someone who can regularly spot you during training then this is a great way to catch your weight in a quiet and safe manner.

The Suspension Straps are useful for keeping your bar in place when you bail from a squat or bench. With Suspension Straps, the bar and plates will be contained in the strap system, which is far more effective than the strap or pin system, preventing damage to your equipment. It is really designed to catch the weight.

The bar and weight stays suspended in the center of the rack, all you have to do is simply step away from your weight and let the straps do the rest!

It's not only an excellent method to protect yourself and your rack, but it's also a terrific way to get some exercise. Simply hang your Suspension Straps around your rack, clip handles to them, and you'll have limitless strap exercises to improve your gainz. Power rack attachments allow you to maintain a compact and efficient workout space, a benefit that makes them a popular centrepiece of many home gyms.

There’s a wide assortment of safety attachments available but a big part of enjoying our home gyms is safety and preventing injury. Putting safety precautions in place first should always be at the top of our minds. We hope this article about power rack safety straps vs bars vs arms has helped you decide what gear you need!