The 8 BEST Hydra Power Rack Attachments

BEST Hydra Power Rack Attachments - person using lat pulldown

When it comes to customization, there's no better home gym power rack than the Hydra. With nine pre-set designs, endless modularity, cross-brand compatibility, and over 15 accessories, you can make this baby fit your vision of a dream gym.

The challenge? Choosing which accessories are best for your needs.

The best Hydra Power Rack Attachments fit your budget, training style, and space. Choose the ones that are most likely to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

In this post, we'll explore the eight best Hydra accessories our fellow fitness enthusiasts love.Cool features and innovations aside, the best rack attachments are the ones you'll personally use the most. If it's not something you see yourself regularly using, direct your resources elsewhere.

Your budget is also an important factor when shopping around for attachments. The beauty of the Hydra is that you can build it out over time; if an attachment isn't in your budget right now, you can pick it up later. Cross-brand compatibility also helps with cost-savings — just make sure your picks are compatible with true 3″ x 3″ tubing with 5/8″ holes.

Most of us lack the space to build an extensive gym setup at home. So, choosing multipurpose accessories designed for a compact home gym setting is also a smart decision.

With those factors in mind, let's dive into the top Hydra Rack Attachment picks.One of the greatest debates in human history is nature vs. nurture cable machines vs. free weights.

Both have merit, and there’s just some muscle targeting you can’t quite accomplish with a barbell. The Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment is a must if you prefer the best of both worlds. The Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment is a cable machine attachment for your Hydra rack that opens the door to various cable pulley exercises.

This plate-loaded attachment is designed to maximize home gym versatility while minimizing its footprint. The Hydra Lat Pulldown comes with a lat pulldown bar, a straight curl bar, chains, and a leg pad to keep you locked and loaded.

The aluminum pulleys and guide rods provide that slick, smooth cable feeling for each movement. With a 500lb weight capacity and 1:1 pulley ratio, this add-on is the cherry on top of a great power rack. The Hydra Lat Pulldown’s overarching benefit is its versatility to your home gym setups. In addition to lat pulldowns, you can use this machine for seated rows, tricep pushdowns, cable curls, glute kickbacks, face pulls, and more.

The Hydra Lat Pulldown attachment offers all of these benefits without taking up as much space as a standalone machine, adding only 35" in length to your rack and 4" in height. It’s also much more affordable than a standalone lat pull machine, and the price tag knocks the competition out of the park. The Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment will take over one end of your rack.

If you have limited space or work with a training partner, you must plan accordingly. The Hydra Lat Pulldown is a must for anyone who wants to shake up their accessory work or fine-tune their muscle targeting.

Cable machines also offer consistent stability and tension compared to free weights, making this an excellent choice for lifters with underlying injuries or limitations. Are we sure seal rows aren’t actually a lower body workout? Because they’re a real pain in the glutes to set up (if you catch my drift). And while we love our Flat / Incline / Decline Weight Bench, we know chest-supported work can be challenging for people above or below average height.

Enter the Hydra Seal Row Pad, which addresses these challenges and will have you clapping like… well… a seal. The Hydra Seal Row Pad attachment is a cushioned pad with seven adjustable positions to support your back or chest for targeted movements. Just choose your height, drop it in, tighten it up, and VOILA!

This nifty rack attachment is smaller than that wild setup with a bench and some boxes creating a bridge over a barbell, and it folds away nicely when you need the space.

The main benefits of the Hydra Seal Row Pad attachment are the ease of installation and convenience. Even if seal rows aren’t your thing, you can use this pad for chest flies, hip thrusts, targeting those tricky rear delts, or leaning back and gazing up at the ceiling during your next existential crisis.

You have more control over the height and angle than you would with an adjustable bench, making this a great option for chest-supported work.

We’ve also seen competitors charge almost double for this simple piece of equipment. If you have a non-B.o.S. rack with true 3″ x 3″ tubing with 5/8″ holes, this is a great value option.Depending on your chosen angle, you may have limited space between the pad and the uprights. Most users don’t have an issue, though it sometimes takes a few adjustments to find a comfortable setting.

While you can use the Hydra Seal Row Pad as an alternative to an incline bench, it’s not without limitations. If you’re an avid bench presser with a limited budget, a sturdy adjustable bench might be more suitable. If you have a minimalist gym with limited space, this is a great multipurpose attachment that’s easy to use and put away.

Lifters who experience fatigue when doing bent-over rows, struggle to hit the rear delts, or want to simplify the hip thrust setup will also benefit from the Hydra Seal Row Pad. Listen, there’s no shame in preferring gym machines over barbells and deadlifts. The problem for most home gym owners is that machines are expensive and bulky.

Limited budget and space don’t mean limited muscle-building potential — at least when you have the Hydra Sliding Lever Arms and the 35+ exercises they add to your repertoire. The Hydra Sliding Lever Arms are an adjustable attachment designed to replicate the gym machine experience. In simple terms, throw these bad boys on your power rack, slide them up and down without having to unbolt and rebolt, and do yo’ thang.

These bad boys are plate-loadable with seven lockable angles and adjustable multi-grip handles. If you don’t have space for cable machines, dumbbells, and all the extra gadgets, these are the solution for you. Versatility is everything with the Hydra Sliding Lever Arms. These bad boys unlock endless machine-style, dumbbell, and barbell exercises, including lateral raises, overhead press variations, deadlifts, rows, floor presses, and more.

Unlike our original lever arms, the Hydra Sliding Lever Arms cha-cha slide without having to unbolt the apparatus each time you need an adjustment. You can also secure them in place, throw on some J-cups, and mix some barbell action into your workout. With a space-efficient design and price that undercuts the competition, these are a big win for your home gym.

While the Hydra Sliding Lever Arms are space efficient, adding only 7” to the front of your rack when installed, you still need room for them to swing outward during movements. If you have limited space, be sure to measure the clearance before you buy. The Hydra Sliding Lever Arms are ideal for lifters who prefer machine exercises or need a versatile option to suit their limited space and budget. The extra stability compared to free weights is also beneficial for lifters with underlying injuries. While ranch and onion have their perks, the best dip is arguably the kind you do in the gym. There’s no better way to smash your chest and triceps than to suffer engage in an epic duel between your body weight and gravity.

Gone are the 2020 home gym days when you had to balance on a rickety chair, hoping that you wouldn’t sustain a painful (and embarrassing) injury. Enter the Hydra Y Dip attachment to save the day. The Hydra Y Dip Attachment is a heavy-duty dip bar that mounts to the rack at the height of your choosing. Use this tool to do chest dips, tricep dips, and ab work. The pin drops in easily for quick height adjustments, and the plastic lining protects your precious rack. The Hydra Y Dip is surprisingly versatile, doubling as an inverted row and pull up station in minimalist home gyms.

We’ve also included a detent pin for extra security when you strap on a weight belt or try your luck at something you saw on TikTok. We highly recommend bolting down your Hydra Racks. If your rack is not bolted down, you’ll only be able to use the Hydra Y Dip on the inside of the rack. This also applies if you’re using the Hydra Squat Stand.

The Hydra Y Dip is a must for functional fitness lovers who want to shake up their calisthenics routine. This attachment is also ideal for bodybuilders who need an extra OOMPH in their upper body and ab workouts. Safety should be a top priority in your home gym. Sure, you’re not going to sue yourself, but preventing injuries will keep you healthy, happy, and consistent in your training.

Even if you have a training partner, having them in your space may be distracting as you shoot for your PR. And if you lift heavier than them, they probably shouldn’t be spotting you.

Fortunately, the Hydra Spotter Arms are always there to catch you when you fall and wrap you in their safe embrace. Awww. A heavy-duty pair of Hydra Spotter Arms are designed for peace of mind when lifting at home. These attachments fit inside and outside of most racks and boast a 1,000lb weight capacity (combined), so you can safely bail out of heavy squats or save that pretty face of yours after a bad bench.

Safeties are non-negotiable for solo lifters. It only takes one little shift or misstep to do some serious damage with a loaded barbell. The Hydra Spotter Arms will catch your bar so you can safely remove yourself from the situation. The plastic lining also protects your barbell while protecting you.

The Hydra Spotter arms boast a durable design with 11-gauge steel to withstand even elite-level weights. They also double as a secondary squat or bench station if you’re lifting with your swolemateWhile the Hydra Spotter Arms fit on the inside of most racks, there are some exceptions. At 28” long, these safeties aren’t suitable for the inside of shallow racks.

They’re also not recommended for the Hydra Squat Stand unless you have it bolted down. If you frequently lift alone, need a secondary squat or bench station, or have a shallow rack, the Hydra Spotter Arms are for you. Survey says the three most hated exercises are burpees, Bulgarian split squats, and carrying the weight of being the funny one in your family.

Burpees don’t require equipment, and we haven’t developed any attachments for weird family issues (yet), so let’s discuss the Hydra Split Squat Rack attachment.The Hydra Split Squat Attachment is an easy-to-install cushioned roller designed to make split squats easier — the setup, anyway. Its drop-in pin makes it easy to adjust or put away until the next torture session.

The 16″ long pad has a vinyl upholstery cover to prevent wear and tear over time. With the Hydra Split Squat Attachment, there’s no more messing around with trying to find a bench the right height, adjusting your footing, and hopping about. Easily adjust the roller to your height and get the workout going.

This space-efficient solution is ideal for a small home gym, creating opportunities for some killer glute/ham work without the need for fancy equipment.Now you don’t have an excuse not to do Bulgarian split squats. That’s it. That’s the drawback. If you’re looking to add a dash of booty boot camp (no judgment) to your home workout, this is a must-have. It’s also ideal for short lifters who struggle with bench or box height for split squats.

Spending your hard-earned dough on storage may not be sexy, but it makes your home gym a lot easier to navigate — and the Hydra 13 Inch Bolt-on Plate Pegs are the perfect GPS to guide you on this efficiency journey. The Hydra 13 Inch Bolt-on Plate Pegs are heavy-duty steel with a black powder coating to protect your Olympic weight plates.

They’re sold in pairs for your convenience and easily install with two bolts per peg. With a 13” loadable length, these plate pegs provide plenty of space to store your Olympic weight plates to avoid stubbed toes, tripping, and clutter. The bolts keep your Hydra 13 Inch Bolt-on Plate Pegs secure, but they can be a pain to move after they’re secure. Consider your placement wisely.

The Hydra 13 Inch Bolt-on Plate Pegs are a must-have for all home gym owners who are constantly tripping over Olympic weight plates and want to keep their gym organized. Good things come in small packages. In this case, it’s 1lb and 2lb PRs. The Hydra Change Plate Pegs are a must-have for Olympic lifters and fractional plate enthusiasts. Hydra Change Plate Pegs are a three-pronged change plate storage system that bolts securely to the Hydra rack.

Compatible with Olympic change plates, the heavy-duty steel with a black powder coating is designed for protection and durability. While Fractional Plates are tiny and adorable, they’re also a pain to keep track of. The Hydra Change Plate Pegs will keep your change plates tucked up and out of the way. You can also hang your collars and bands to stay organized while maximizing floor space. As with the larger plate pegs, the bolts keep your change plates secure.

However, they can be a pain to move after they’re secure. Consider your placement wisely. This addition is a must for home gym owners who are sick of losing their fractional plates or trying to set a PR in organization. The Hydra Power Rack series has over 15 attachments, with more on the way. These selections are affordable, functional, versatile, and efficient — everything that makes an attachment a worthy contender for your home gym.